Thursday, August 25, 2011

Psalm 90, the Thousand Years

Thanks be to Our Dear Christ and Our Loving Father God that we are granted the blessing of reincarnation. This blessing will enable us to go forward to perfect our beings in your Holy Name.

We have the teaching from the Holy Scriptures which describes the time we spend out of incarnation as one thousand years*:

Before mountains were brought forth,
And Thou dost form the earth and the world,
Even from age unto age Thou [art] God.
Thou turnest man unto a bruised thing,
And sayest, Turn back, ye sons of men.
For a thousand years in Thine eyes [are] as yesterday,
For it passeth on, yea, a watch by night.
Thou hast inundated them, they are asleep,

In the morning as grass he changeth.
In the morning it flourisheth, and hath changed,
At evening it is cut down, and hath withered.

- Psalms 90:2-6

* A period of time indicated by Rudolf Steiner.